Saturday, 9 July 2016

Harry Beagle's Outback Camping Adventure.... The Australian Outback.

A Camping Adventure in the Outback of Australia hadn't been Harry Beagle's idea. Harry's idea of a holiday would be staying in his own backyard. But.... Harry's best friend was Ingrid Blackberry the Brave...
or so Harry thought. He wished he had a shred of Ingrid's courage and adventure.
He also wished he hadn't been talked into being Ingrid's camping trip buddy.

Fortunately Ingrid was a well prepared girl scout. Campfires, finding food, setting up camps... no problem. Leave it to Ingrid.

If they came across a fast flowing river, no worries, Ingrid would find a way to cross.

Harry always a few steps behind....
Ingrid stopped to reflect on nature.
"Isn't nature so beautiful!" she exclaimed.
"Well, not quite as nice as my own backyard" Harry kept his opinion to himself.  It all seemed so big, so wide...rather frightening.

Day Two found them clambering along a rock ledge, Harry's eyes shut tightly. He daren't look down! He was sure he'd have nightmares about this for years!

And fighting their way through a Jungle, keeping closely behind Ingrid... afraid he might get lost!

Ahhh....finally they found there way through.... and saw what was beyond....

The Great Australian Outback stretching out before them.
After a long day's journey Harry looked forward to a campfire dinner and a sleep.

As Ingrid counted stars and pointed out the Southern Cross constellation, Harry thought about his own cosy bed at home.

The next morning having breakfasted, Ingrid spied a hill she wanted to climb. "I bet there's a great view from the top!" as she raced off, leaving Harry to struggle upward.

"Look how far we can see" pointed out Ingrid, "Aren't you glad we're here?"

But suddenly she lurched backwards....
 And when Harry looked around she wasn't there anymore!
 Ingrid he shouted, and plucked up courage to scramble down the side of the steep bank as quickly as he could.
 "Ingrid!" he shouted, but there was only a moan.
"Oh no! Are you alright??!!"
"I think I've hurt my ankle", she groaned. "I don't know if I can walk on it. It 's very painful"
"What are we going to do?" wondered Harry. "We're out in the middle of the Outback... miles from anywhere."
"You'll have to be brave for me, Harry", she winced.
"Me? Brave?....."
He had to be.
What was he to do now?
To be continued next week.....


  1. Ooo exciting!
    I love the scenery!

    1. Thanks Chill. It's hard not to have nice scenery out here. Aussie Outback is so unique, hey

  2. Oh no, poor Ingrid! I hope Harry will be brave for her! Looking forward to part II :)
    The outback really looks fantastic!

  3. Lovely story and beautiful scenes!

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  5. What a lovely story!! I love sylvanians pictured in real nature. The picture where they´re crossing the bridge is brilliant!
    Looking forward to part 2!
    Enjoy your holyday!

    1. Thanks Cutata. I love nature pictures too. Thanks for the holiday wishes :)

  6. Oh gosh, I love this story, the pictures are amazing! I love the picture on the bridge with their reflections bellow, it is my favourite picture in this story. Cann't wait for part 2! (Sorry for the late comment, I put your link in the wrong folder (Cooking) instead of Sylvanian)